... for your Sliptools photo

So kannst Du mitmachen:

Photograph your boat on your sliptools slip trolley

  • Make sure that:
  1. You don't show any people in the picture
  2. You do not show any buildings, cars or other objects in the picture
  3. You're trying to capture a nice mood
  4. You take photos in sufficient light

  • By submitting your picture, you agree that:
  1. You transfer the temporally and spatially unlimited usage rights to us.
  2. You transfer the rights of use to us in writing in your email.
  3. You cannot revoke these usage rights.

  • Send us your photo by email to info@sliptools.eu with the subject "Slipwagen Cash-Back"
    You can also send us several pictures, but you will only get your money back if we have a use for your picture.

  • Get € 25 cash back when ...
  1. You give us your bank details.
  2. You tell us the type of boat you are using.
  3. You are already a sliptools customer.

We look forward to your participation!